how to a better boyfriend

How to Be a Better Boyfriend to Your Amazing Partner

An amazing partner is a gift. That’s why if you have a partner worth spending your life with, then you should learn how to be a better boyfriend. But first,…

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How to Be a Better Wife

How to be a Better Wife in 18 Loving Ways

If your husband seems rather aloof, there could be something wrong. And here’s a simple remedy:  Be a better wife. But don’t take it the wrong way because you’re probably…

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why does my life suck

Why Does My Life Suck? And How to Make It Better

Sorry to break it to you. But life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Its dark side? It’s just waiting to get out. And when you’re experiencing a streak of misfortunes,…

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how to be kind to others

How to Be Kind to Others in 55 Easy Ways

In this chaotic world we live in, being kind isn’t always the easiest choice to make. We read about so much pain and suffering in the news that we can’t…

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words of encouragement for a friend

30 Uplifting Words Of Encouragement For A Friend Who’s Down

While life may sometimes seem like a battlefield, it’s easy to survive the chaos with a little help from your friends. Good friends don’t just pick you up when you…

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How to Stop Being Lazy and Compel Myself to Action

If there’s one thing that the older generation keep complaining about with this generation, it’s the laziness. What’s interesting about this is that it’s not just the older generation that…

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how to stay positive

How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations: 9 Habits You Can Start Building Today

We’ve all been on the receiving end of advice to “just stay positive!” And while this piece of advice often comes from a good place, there are times when it…

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10 Very Short Inspirational and Motivational Stories with Morals

From hours of studying to attending classes, life as a student is certainly exciting but exhausting. You’re meeting new people, going to exciting places and learning so many things at…

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10 of The Best Salespeople of All Time

These days, it takes more than a good product to compete in the cutthroat sales industry. Apart from being bold and persistent, you need to perfect your own marketing technique…

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10 Short Stories with Positive Message

Sometimes in life, we come across challenges that will test our character. We’ll face problems that will shake us to the very core. A good story is one way to…

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